The Main Gate

The Walled Garden idea is simple. A space for ideas and projects to grow. In no particular order or system.

It grows organically as I add what interests me, my own Mundaneum. Everything comes back around. I originally came to this space when everyone else wanted a blog, I wanted a notebook. Now we talk about Personal Knowledge bases or Personal Learning Environments and gardens and steams and People even bring up zettlekasten in civilized conversation.

Things continue to evolve in the webosphere and this site was originally for me to have a place to put reference and things I needed to consume or understand. Thanks to the renaisance of knowledge management and knowledge gardening tools. This site has kind of waned, become overgrown and in need of pruning. Not to mention some renovations on the walls and tower.

The Grand Codex

Herein lies hyper-textual linkages to the inner paths inside the walls.

Teaching Stuff


The Brain Cloud

The Brain Cloud are specific links to Pinboard bookmark lists The Whole collection is available on my pinboard account @ mtourtellott

End of Codex