This is a list of notes and links for me to wrap my head around.

Big Picture thinking

An online learning system that doesn’t suck. I don’t like virtual classrooms, because what’s a classroom? I don’t like the term Learning Management System because it can’t actually manage the learning, it just organizes stuff and has a gradebook.

My ideas:

What this really means is a set of workflows and tools within the workflow.

Most current instruction is video tutorials How to take that and add better learning goals How to develop better plain rubrics of expectations A more organic system of assessments that make it easier for people to self-assess along with you.

Ever since I got involved in distance education/e-learning I have always felt like the whole LMS thing was making a whale stand like an elephant. As a designer I never understood why you can’t aggregate tools together and make a dedicated LMS from them. I also think, libraries suffer the same problem. So during our current pandemic I was going back to my research and re-connecting with the work of people I admired.

EdTech Posse was an amazing podcast for me. It long since faded into the lost web. But you can find bits and crumbs.

Where this gets interesting is the work of Bryan Ollendyke at Penn State. Who I just discovered. He is part of the group making HAX.

HAX website

Much of what makes HAX tick is Web Components.

E-Learning things (EdTech focus)

Code stuff for web (General)

Things you could teach with but aren’t branded that way